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Dear Caitlin,

I haven’t been around much this month, I know. It’s been busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been putting most of my energy into making my final project for class– an application built end-to-end by me. My project is called Retourist and is an attempt to build a better travel site, one that’s user-based and has suggestions for less touristy experiences. It’s still in beta and needs a lot of features built out, but it mostly works and at least the index page has a lot of nice photos.

I’ve also been thinking very seriously about New Year’s resolutions this year.

I never make New Year’s resolutions — I generally prefer to take stock around my birthday —  but I’m toying with the idea of a few goals this year. I’d like to…

…start doing cardio again, maybe a fun class or two? My doctor always tells me that extra weight is unhealthy, especially when it’s around the stomach. I love yoga, but I’m not sure that it does too much for my heart health.

…learn to be happy while wearing sensible shoes. Most of the time I genuinely dislike flats, but I’m getting too old (or too practical?)  for skyscraper heels all the time. If I could feel better about wearing flats, I think I’d like them more.

…get in contact with friends I’ve lost touch with. I reconnected with an old friend this month. I had really been missing her and need to stay in touch with her throughout the year. I’m committing to getting in contact with one long-lost friend for each month of this year.

What else is in store for me in 2014?

New York Fashion Week is coming up! I love the fall collections. This season I’m committing to writing thoughtful posts about the shows and the industry, although I’ll be photographing as well, of course.

I’m starting serious school at General Assembly at the end of February, so I expect to be blogging only twice/week for the next few months. I think I’ll also end up with less time to read my friends’ blogs, but I’ll be keeping up with everyone through social media. Instagram comments!

I’m also planning to go overseas for the first time in a few years. I love traveling and always wish I was able to visit more friends and see more places.

Do you have any great plans for 2014?



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    I think your resolutions are excellent. Getting in touch with old friends is important. Even keeping in touch with current friends. It’s crazy how a month or two can pass without even realizing it. I have one friend I haven’t seen since April and that is just unacceptable.

    Being okay with flats. Being okay with more practical clothing in general might be a good resolution. Especially in the winter when it seems like the fashion blogger ‘norm’ to just wear open heels/no socks in sub zero temps in the snow. If the outfit wont look good with boots, then perhaps a different outfit is needed.

    Traveling. I feel like it’s been forever. Heck, it’s even been a while since I was last in NYC.

    your site sounds really cool! I will definitely try it out!

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      It does seem so difficult to get together with friends, doesn’t it? I definitely want to be better about that.

      I second you on practical clothing. I definitely can’t do the no socks thing… I do not know HOW??

      Will you be visiting at all during fashion week? Let me know if you are planning on it! Two weeks to go!

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    LOL Your resolution to wear sensible shoes made me grin. I feel like it is built in the water of NYC to rock amazing and uncomfortable shoes while scurrying through the city streets of Manhattan. – Katy

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    I love heels but I don’t really like wearing them. I love flats but I absolutely wish they’ll provide some height because I’m really small!

    Also, good luck on your project! Sounds really interesting.

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      Some heels have terrible balance, which can definitely make your feet hurt! But if you’ve got good, stable ones, then sometimes I think you just have to really commit to them when walking and not try to walk delicately– your feet will thank you!