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Rock Your Hair Review | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog by Alexandra Shook

Rock Your Hair is a fun hair care line by Michael O’Rourke, the creator of Big Sexy Hair. All of the packaging is bright pink and products are embellished with rhinestones for some extra sparkle. The three products I tried also all smelled great without being overwhelming. Strong fruity and floral scents tend to give me a headache, so I always appreciate a great product with a subtle scent.

The Rock Your Hair line is designed to give you volume while being formulated without sulfates and parabens. My favorite product is the Leave-In Conditioner, which retails for $20 at It sprays on easily, is softening and moisturizing, and doesn’t doesn’t weigh hair down or feel heavy.  It’s also moisturizing enough to use without a rinse-out conditioner and made the ends of my hair feel very soft.

I’ve been using the Bombshell Big Hair Powder ($17/.9 oz.) almost every day since I got it. The powder works a little bit like a powder dry shampoo. It also feels similar to a dry shampoo, but begins to feel slightly sticky if left to rest in your palm.

Rock Your Hair Review | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog by Alexandra Shook Rock Your Hair Review | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog by Alexandra Shook

I love the delivery system for the Bombshell Big Hair Powder and think it should be adopted by all powder dry shampoo makers. There’s a cap to keep the product from spilling and what looks like a traditional baby powder twist top, only without the twist. This is the easiest application of  powder hair product I’ve ever seen and it really worked great for me. Dry shampoo tends to frustrate me because I always feel like I’m squeezing out too much or too little, but shaking some powder directly on my hair ended up being absolutely perfect.

The last Rock Your Hair product I tested is the Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift spray mousse ($20/13 oz.). The mousse is actually a light, colorless aerosol. It felt and worked great even if it’s not what I traditionally think of as mousse. This product is for serious volume. Because my hair is naturally curly, the Big Volume Root Lift is less of an everyday hair product for me than the others. It’s awesome for 60s-inspired hair and huge curls, both of which I love. 

I was really pleased with all three of these products, all of which are c/o.


  1. Valerie says

    They have new products for curly headed girls…called “Girls With Curls”…in coral colored packaging! You might like those, as well.