Black Winter Outerwear

Dear Nnenna,

I got these touch screen gloves for Christmas this year! This style seems to work better for me than the metallic thread ones, but the tips of my fingers do get cold after a while.

But! I can use my phone without the rest of my hands getting freezing and any more dried out than they already are. Cold weather is so harsh on my skin.

The rest of my outfit is pretty boring, although the coat’s new. Lined with Thinsulate so it’s really warm, but I got it in petite and that might have been a mistake. I think the shoulders have to be let out. I’m wearing the old scarf from Talbots again, J.Crew coat, Joe’s Jeans… jeans, MIA ankle boots, and Coach sunglasses and bag.



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    ohhh I love the raised design on the iphone case, that is such a pretty one!!

    I think I need to buy some of that special thread and try to DIY some iphone gloves. because really, why would I only want to wear one pair of gloves all winter?

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      I really want leather touch screen gloves, but I can’t find any :( I love this case, but it’s already cracked. The warranty is two years, so hopefully SwitchEasy will replace it. It’s a hard polycarbonate case, which is supposed to be better than the soft ones, but at about a month old this has definitely been my shortest lived case.