Freezing in Flatiron

Dear Dotty,

So… about spring… it has definitely not sprung yet. It’s a bit cold, very windy, and I really did think we were past the ice storm part of the season. I love snow, but I do get tired of the slush that makes the city a mess. Though when it’s warm I get tired of New York by the end of August when it’s been 100 degrees for three weeks straight and can we all just please go to Ireland for a little while and cool off? I guess that means I appreciate the seasons. I am looking forward to leaves on the trees.

J.Crew Lady Day Coat | Converse/Target cardigan | H&M shirt | Joe’s Jeans | Ann Taylor belt | Aquatalia boots | Coach Legacy Leather Molly Satchel | Burberry Check Scarf | Ippolita Wicked ring | AMY O. Jewelry DECO Color Block Bib and ROCKER Wonder Woman Rings | photos: star-crossed smile



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    Come to California and rejoice at our relative warmth! The only downside is there’s eff-all to do here in the Valley, but it’s comfortable. (P.S. Love the jeans/boots combo.)

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      Well I suppose you could go out and take outfit photos and do really silly poses. That’s something, right? And… food. There must be food, too. Also something!

      Really though… I just… snowing again.

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    I am very tired of freezing, and very tired of snow and slush.
    I know there is a lot more I could do with layering and outerwear and such, but I’m no longer interested. I want cropped pants and open shoes.

    Definitely having a bit of bag envy – it’s so pretty!

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      I don’t want pants or tights, therefore I’m totally dissatisfied with fashion right now. And I don’t want to wear sensible shoes any more, either. I’m really tired of rubber-soled boots.

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    ya know, i’ve tried to refrain from complaining about central Texas weather. i’ve taken your approach – appreciate the seasons. even if winter only lasts 33.2 hours.

    may i pretty please have that bag? and scarf?!