Forest Wandering in T by Alexander Wang | Outfits

Dear Kelsey,

So I took these photos a little bit ago, as you can see by the green leaves. These were pre-hurricane and now there are hardly any leaves left to turn yellow. Hoping there will be a nicer fall all around next year.

I mean, everyone wears T by Alexander Wang to go forest bathing, right? Everything is so soft and wonderful that I don’t see why not.

If you’re a fan of gourmet chocolates don’t forget about my Epiphany Chocolates giveaway for a $25 gift card and 18 piece box of seasonal fall chocolates!

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Black, Navy, White, Stripes | Sponsored

Dear Jeanine,

I don’t know what is it about this striped shirt, but I like it and wear it far more often than my black and white Ann Taylor one. I think I like that the stripes are actually navy and not black, and that it has a different shape than most striped shirts I see.

As you know, I’m an intern at an environmentally friendly jewelry designer here in New York, so I was eager to put some of my jewelry inspecting skills to the test when Anjolee offered me a necklace for review. Anjolee specializes in custom made diamond jewelry and Anjolee diamonds are never treated or enhanced. They’re also Kimberley Process compliant (an industry standard conflict-free certification). …

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New York Weekend

Dear Dotty,

Over the weekend my cousins came to visit and we did some touristy things. I usually only see the tree as I walk through on my way to Anthropologie. I don’t like the touristy areas of Manhattan… they aren’t really New York to me, although I did take a few good photos.

Then I took them to Flatiron, Union Square, and the East Village. They’d never been, which I can’t even imagine… they’re among my favorite neighborhoods in New York. I wanted to get them to Brooklyn as well, but there wasn’t time. Oh well, guess they’ll just have to visit again!

Do you have any fun holiday plans with friends or family?


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The Casual Black Alexander Wang Suit

Dear Silvergirl,

This Alexander Wang ponte jacket and matching skirt are great pieces because they’re a little bit structured yet still very comfortable.

I was in a bit of a rush to get out the door, so I didn’t take many photos. I’ve been favoring a lot of minimalistic all black looks lately and softening them up with my curly hair. They’re more at home in New York than here amongst the trees, but I wear them anyway. I also walk around the neighborhood in my heels and people look at me oddly. Oh well. I won’t give them up, although I do wear my flat boots if I have to go any appreciable distance.

I’m carrying my Coach bag (as usual) and wearing my T by Alexander wang jacket and skirt, Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN shirt, HUE tights, and MIA ankle boots.


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How To Take Nonchalant Outfit Photos

Last week, Mia told me she likes my facing-away from the camera photos. So this week I give you Three Easy Poses for Not Facing the Camera:

(1) Your basic stand there and ponder the shrubbery. Resist the urge to turn around! Actually ponder the shrubbery if it helps. And remember to relax and drop your shoulders.

(2) The angle. Position yourself at a slight angle with one shoulder closer to the camera. Good for close up photos of backs of dresses, shirts, etc. and of handbags.

(3) The sideways walking shot with a twist– instead of looking at the camera look down or look over the shoulder farthest from the camera. Don’t actually walk anywhere or your image may be out of focus. Just pretend.

If you try a pose from my silly little guide let me know!

I’m wearing my T by Alexander Wang jacket from the sample sale, LOFT belt, I forget who makes the dress, Coach bag (vintage), and MIA ankle boots (