Afternoon by the River

Dear Lydia,

I think this is the last time I’ll be wearing tights this season. I hope so, but one never knows with the wildly changing weather. Lately I’ve been either burning or freezing.

I’ve been experimenting with taking photos in direct light more and more and love how saturated the colors turn out. The East River is an astonishing shade of blue behind me. Who knew it could look like that?

The B Makowsky silver bag practically goes everywhere with me now, so much so that I’m considering buying silver shoes or dyeing my gold flats silver (the gold’s mostly rubbed off anyway). I can mix metals on my wrists, but am not progressive enough to mix shoes and bags. I’m wearing my Ann Taylor blazer, J Jill cardigan, xhilaration/Target shirt (swapped), Gap skirt, Martine’s Dream scarf, and Cole Haan wedges.



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    Aw man, I love these pictures! When I take pictures in direct light they look so harsh. (Of course, what I know about photography could fit on the head of a pin.) The East River goes nicely with your scarf.

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    These shots are lovely. Directly sunlight shoots always make me look like a grimacing fool, but sunglasses would probably prevent that.
    Also I kind of love the idea of old shoes + a silver bag. But I am edgy like that that ;)

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      I always leave my sunglasses on for these. If not, I have to close my eyes. I wish I was better at mixing metals. I always feel so conspicuous whenever I do it though. I have on rhodium plate and gold today. Baby steps.

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    great shots and beautiful scenery… that leather skirt…it is such a great shape..most leather skirts are pencil…this is such a fun departure!  Beautiful. C

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      I know, I love the shape of this skirt! I’ve tried leather pencil skirts in the past but they are too unforgiving for my body type. I love them on other people, though. My friend has an amazing green one!

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    oh yes the saturation of the direct light is fantastic. it works well since you are mostly black and your outfit doesn’t seem too, too much.
    i hope it’s the last you will be wearing tights as well!

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    The photography and location is breathtaking! And I love the direct light, too; I still haven’t figured out a good way to do it without looking like a ghost.

    Loving the stripes and the leather! I hope this is the last time you have to wear tights, although we’re due for a cold spell this weekend here in the Midwest. :(

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      It seems ultra fast, but I’ve found that shutter speeds of 1/2000 are best. I’m exceedingly pale backlit or direct so sometimes I run a light dusting of bronzer down the front of my legs. They photograph a bit better whenever I do that.