January 21, 2012

Look at all this beautiful snow! I actually love snow… and cold weather. I think I must have been a penguin in my last life. Snow makes for good lighting and background, don’t you think?

I’ve needed snow boots for five years, and of course the year I finally get them would be one of the mildest winters ever– remember al fresco dining in no coat in December?. But they’re warm and I might actually have them forever because L.L. Bean will guarantee them. I also used them to try the Boot Straps I won from a giveaway on Adored Austin (thanks Indiana!). I haven’t tested anything else from the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Jean Kit yet, but these were great and I can see myself using them with a ton my boots.

I’m wearing my Vivienne Vivienne Tam faux fur vest (c/o a gift card from T.J. Maxx), J.Crew cardigan (2010), Target shirt (swapped at ModSwap!), LOFT double wrap belt, J Brand jeans (2008), and L.L. Bean boots. The tree necklace belonged to my grandmother, and these pretty earrings were made by Lydia for Pay it Forward.



  1. says

    Oh man, the cold and snow. Beautiful, but I cannot handle! I’m just a California wimp, haha. I love to see how people dress for extra-cold weather, though, and you look great! I especially love the first picture…something about your hair and the composition of the whole thing.

    • says

      I think it’s the head tilt. I’m still trying to master it and have many funny/ridiculous outtakes. And this is not how people dress for really cold weather, hahaha. It’s far too light for that. I’m just mostly temperature-immune. 

  2. says

    Oh Alex, you snow bird! I love snow too, but I just don’t like walking or driving around in it– very inconvenient in states that don’t require snow tires in the winter. I definitely LOVE those boots and that vest. While perusing F21, I found a vest similar to that and wanted to snag it so I could look like you. :)

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      I don’t think snow tires are required here… but I’m used to going around in the snow. Yeah, this is a super fun vest! The last two times it’s been over pants, so I guess next up is a dress or skirt!

  3. says

    Gosh, I love that fur vest!  It’s pictures like these that make me think “yay, snow!” but when I’m actually outside in it I’m like “nooo, snow!” haha :)

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      The worst part of being outside is how cold my hands get! I don’t really feel cold anywhere else, but the skin on my hands is always dry in the winter and I’m sure the cold doesn’t do it any favors either. 

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    This is so cute, and those boot straps seem really useful. I usually just wear long socks and pull them over my jeans for the same effect. I also haven’t even busted out my snow boots yet this year. Which is fine, because I’m ready for spring all the same.

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      I do that sometimes with socks, too :) I can’t believe you haven’t worn snow boots at all yet. Spring would definitely be nice, but here February tends to be a snowy month. Of course, spring 2012 hits stores next week, so you sort of get your wish!

  5. Lynzy says

    Loving the fur vest! Sometimes I will wear mine under my winter coat for an extra layer of warmth! :)