In the Mist

Dear Katha,

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring weather. I actually love winter (snow!) but this rainy in-between freezing and temperate just has me in a fog. Hoping for better weather next week, and maybe an actual spring? Last year I remember wearing raincoats for at least two months straight… and then it exploded into ninety degree weather in the last days of May. It seems like there are hardly any seasons any more, just extreme weather.

All this gloom has me in a serious case of wardrobe uninspiration. And I am absolutely determined not to wear tights again, so I’ve been wearing jeans constantly. I’m not as good with pants as I am other pieces and I’m running out of ways to wear them. Boring Boring boring. Here I am wearing a striped shirt, jacket, and jeans… again. I think I’m in dire need of some bright jewelry to perk up my spring look, what do you think?


Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl’s jacket | Target cardigan | xhilaration/Target striped shirt (swapped!) | J Brand jeans | Born boots | B Makowsky Tess Satchel | Talbots scarf


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    Thank you so much for this letter! <3

    It really does look cold and gloomy in your pictures… It has been quite sunny here, maybe I can send you some of the sunrays!
    I really like your outfit though, stripes are always so chic!

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    Stripes are always a good go-to when you don’t know what to wear, but want to look put together. Maybe it’s the Parisian connotations?

    I know how you feel though. Ugh, this foggy, mucky weather really has me down. And not wearing tights is essential.
    At least the city looks pretty cool under a blanket of fog.
    Just not us.

    Do you follow Shut Up I Love That Shirt On You on instagram? I feel like her daily outfit photos have been pretty good for inspiration lately: 

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    Yeah this weather has been ridiculous. When we had those 70 degree days in March, I got a little too excited and put away my winter clothes but now I’ve had to pull them out hiding lately. Hoping this nice weather sticks around for good!

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      I think your weather is heading my way for tomorrow, but it’s only supposed to be 70 this weekend, which should be nice. Rain again during the week though. Hopefully this will take care of the drought problem, though I don’t know how there’s a drought with all the rain we’ve gotten this spring!

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      It wasn’t even raining at this point, just… like there was water hanging in the air. I’m hoping that tights weather will be over now, although I think it’s supposed to be cold next week again :(

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    those pictures do look cold and gloomy
    hard to believe when it is in the 80’s and super sunny here
    hope the weather changes for you soon

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    I hope your weather warms up!  It is a heat wave here in Dallas and I feel like I needed a few weeks of nice but not 90 degree weather.  I think you look great in jeans even if you hate wearing them.  Have a great weekend!