Skinny Jeans and Stripes

Dear Mia,

Sometimes I try to be casual, but I’m never sure if I actually like it. A lot of the time it feels weird to me… and then I end up wearing heels. I wanted to do something different with the oft-seen black open cardigan, so naturally I tied it in a knot. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.

I think the wind is getting to me. It’s sweeping away all my creativity these days. I’m wearing my Francesca’s Collections cardigan, xhilaration/Target striped shirt (swapped), J Brand jeans, and Salvatore Ferragamo heels. I get obsessed with bags, so expect to see this new Merona/Target one for about the next three months straight.



  1. says

    It has been alarmingly windy here, too–it definitely makes me feel like an uncreative crabface! And I’ve been struggling with being casual while still being creative, too…I see lots of casual fashion wear that incorporates blazers and heels and stuff, but that just isn’t me! On the other hand, my old jeans-and-a-tee combo seems like inappropriate blog fare now. Sigh.

    On the other hand, I like what you did here! The low knot is nice, and it looks mucho comfy.

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    I think the knotted cardigan is a great look with skinny jeans and this striped top underneath. And after seeing you carry your new Target bag the past few posts, I think I might go get me one.

  3. marianne m says

    hehehe i know what you mean about hills and going casual same happens to me all the type.
    love your bag, the texture and color are fab and so versatile and the top is cute.
    i am now following you via bloglovin since gfc is forever gone for non-blogger sites.
    if you ever find a second to check out my blog, which i hope you do, and you end up loving it (which i hoooooope you do!) i would love it if you followed me back via bloglovin as well. i am not trying to spam or anything, it just that people are so confused with what’s happening with gfc and they end up following me via gfc and i don’t want to loose them.
    lol, ok enough with me.
    lureofthedarkside.    blogspot.               com/

    • says

      Thanks for all your sweet comments! This bag was an incredible Target find. I know, I feel terrible for everyone that uses GFC. I’ve never added it because I’m on WordPress, so it’s basically Bloglovin or Google Reader over here. 

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    The wind was KILLING me this weekend. But, then again, I’ll take that any day over snow (and look what we have now). It was bound to happen one more time though. I have to do more casual too, I realized my blog was starting to look too business casual, haha.

  5. says

    well now you are making me want to go and buy that bag. and for the record, i hate driving to target – there is a whole left exit thing on the highway and changing lanes is not my favorite thing to do… so i pretty much never go there.

    It’s funny how it feels ‘strange’ to do casual, and even stranger to blog casual, but sometimes a nice print and a great bag are all you need to make casual something a lot more.