Black and White Pattern Mixing

Dear Katha,

Sometimes I stop for photos even when it rains. If it’s raining, the park is generally empty and the few people there don’t care about the weird person with the camera (usually they’re fellow photogs with SLRs). I think the rain also gives a nice quality to photos. It makes them a little soft and turns all surfaces slightly reflective. Photos take on a different quality than those I snap on sunny days. …

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Stripes on the Pier and Important Things

Dear Mia,

What a difference a week can make when it comes to spring weather. Burning up in a light wrap one moment, bundled in a coat the next. This is my often neglected Forever 21 dress. It didn’t get very much use over the winter because it requires constant attention (even with a slip). I love it because of the chevron bodice, but it’s best left for warmer temperatures. …

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At St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery

Dear Shen Dove,

File under: Things I Never Knew About New York. Apparently the church courtyard Nnenna and I are fond of using to take photos is the second-oldest in Manhattan. I didn’t even know it was still used for religious services as the inside’s been totally gutted, leaving it minimalistic, echoing, and white. And the last time we were there it was being used for a concert. …

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