Python + Brooklyn Bridge Before Sunset

Dear Caitlin,

Almost every week someone offers to take my photos, and I thank them but decline. I realized that this time around, the nice older couple that offered possibly had the look of serious photographers… in which case I really should have accepted. Oh well, maybe I’ll see them around sometime. It seemed like they were DUMBO natives out for an evening stroll.

I’ve also been practicing my “natural” poses, something I really think I could do better at. I look surprised more than anything. It could definitely be worse, but it’s easier to pose when you have an actual photographer as opposed to a lonely tripod and a park full of curious onlookers. …

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Black and White Pattern Mixing

Dear Katha,

Sometimes I stop for photos even when it rains. If it’s raining, the park is generally empty and the few people there don’t care about the weird person with the camera (usually they’re fellow photogs with SLRs). I think the rain also gives a nice quality to photos. It makes them a little soft and turns all surfaces slightly reflective. Photos take on a different quality than those I snap on sunny days. …

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Reasons to Love New York: Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park

Dear Mia,

There are so many great things to do in New York, including free things like wandering around Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is Pier 1, an area of the park with an incredible view of the Financial District. I love skyscrapers. There are a few restaurants I’ve always wanted to eat at just because of the view from the pier, and one day I’m going to take the ferry back to Manhattan because I’m sure it’s an interesting experience. I’ve never taken the ferry in New York before.

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98 Degrees

Dear Kelsey,

I don’t know about you, but the temperatures here been crazy. Way beyond the normal kind of hot for summer. I planned on buying for fall this week (July is my cut-off date for summer clothing because after that I feel like I don’t get enough wear out of things) but I haven’t been able to face the thought of trying on clothing. …

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Brooklyn in the Morning

Dear Silvergirl,

Isn’t DUMBO great in the morning? It’s very quiet and barely feels like New York. I love taking photos in the park when it’s early. Except for the occasional jogger or dog walker, hardly anyone is around. It’s easier to get photos when people aren’t wandering into your frame.

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Reasons to Love New York: Brooklyn Bridge Park After Dark

Dear Dotty,

Guess who again! It’s always nice to have victims to practice your photography skills on. That’s obviously why I’m always pestering Nnenna to do things. Oh yeah, you’re free? Let’s go eat dumplings… and then I can practice doing night photography take photos of you for your blog! Although on this particular occasion it was let’s sit in the park and eat doughnut holes after we’re done running around with the camera….

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