98 Degrees

Dear Kelsey,

I don’t know about you, but the temperatures here been crazy. Way beyond the normal kind of hot for summer. I planned on buying for fall this week (July is my cut-off date for summer clothing because after that I feel like I don’t get enough wear out of things) but I haven’t been able to face the thought of trying on clothing.

I loved this LOFT dress when I bought it, but when I wear it I can’t keep it from flying around. I’m incredibly uncomfortable every time I wear it. I have to hold the hem down with one hand as I walk, and that’s just too much work. I’m thinking of swapping it or maybe consigning it if I can’t figure out how to weight them hem of the delicate fabric.

And then I realized my nail polish matches my dress.

LOFT dress | Nine West sandals | Longchamp Le Pliage | Coach Sunglasses | vintage bracelet | by boe Bauhaus Earrings | Manhattan Bridge

Have a good weekend! Hope you’ve got excellent plans!



  1. Mia says

    I definitely have had those moments where the wind decides to flip my skirt, but fortunately for me, these days I almost always have bike shorts on underneath so I don’t worry too much! A weight at the hem is a good idea, though, especially if it means you’ll wear the dress more. It suits you so well!

  2. bravoerunway says

    I know the feeling, all of my DVF wrap dress have a tendency to fly away by the flap area so when I walking to the office I am afraid of the wind even though I have a full body slip underneath. I love your photos as always and yes, it has been so hot and humid that even though pre-fall is on sale already I can’t fathom the idea of trying on sweaters or leather!

  3. says

    I don’t let those marylin moments get me down, and they do make for fun photos if you can get just the right moment. I say throw on a slip, wear some cute panties and enjoy it. haha.

    I could never even think to start shopping for fall until… i dunno, october? i want it to be summer forever.