Reasons to Love New York: Brooklyn Bridge Park After Dark

Dear Dotty,

Guess who again! It’s always nice to have victims to practice your photography skills on. That’s obviously why I’m always pestering Nnenna to do things. Oh yeah, you’re free? Let’s go eat dumplings… and then I can practice doing night photography take photos of you for your blog! Although on this particular occasion it was let’s sit in the park and eat doughnut holes after we’re done running around with the camera.

I’m just wearing my usual boring things, but Nnenna is wearing a StyleMint shirt, Old Navy skirt, Lulu*s satchel, and… I don’t know about the rest. I forgot to ask. Too busy being wowed by the view. I’m not often in the park this late, but night’s my favorite time to take in the lights of Lower Manhattan. Nnenna had never been to Brooklyn Bridge Park before either. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be back :)

Crazy windy! I think Nnenna froze, but I (being some kind of unnatural mutant) wasn’t even chilled. Sometimes I think I should just forget the beach. Alaska would be a much better vacation destination for me.



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    OH EM GEE Alex! You did a fantastic job taking pictures! I haven’t been to this park in too long. I’ll have to drag the boy there on a WARM night, lol.

    It was great to see you both last week! Yes please please let’s coordinate something together. 

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    I’m still blown away how by how amazing the view is at this place!  I’m kind of glad that my first time seeing it was at night because the lights are just so pretty! Haha, I did freeze my butt off though :P Must return when it’s warmer!

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    So cute to see you two! You look great, nothing boring :)

    P.S. I’m sick of people getting better things than me with Birchbox as well. I’ve been loyal for a year you would think I’d get first dibs!

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    I hear alaska is very beautiful in the summer months, but in the winter the days are super short, so you’d get to take a lot of night photography, haha.

     and that bridge is a really great spot, especially for night photography. have to go there with the wide angle lens sometime.

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      Oh that’s totally right about Alaska… well maybe it would be better to go in August or something because it would be so hot here. 

      I’ll take you to Brooklyn Bridge Park sometime! When I really have an apartment you can come visit any time you want, and we can have lots of photography adventures. 

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        Oh, that would be so fun!
        we will definitely have to plan another visit soon, especially if this weather keeps heading in the direction of the 70s…. it would be sooo nice.