Python + Brooklyn Bridge Before Sunset

Dear Caitlin,

Almost every week someone offers to take my photos, and I thank them but decline. I realized that this time around, the nice older couple that offered possibly had the look of serious photographers… in which case I really should have accepted. Oh well, maybe I’ll see them around sometime. It seemed like they were DUMBO natives out for an evening stroll.

I’ve also been practicing my “natural” poses, something I really think I could do better at. I look surprised more than anything. It could definitely be worse, but it’s easier to pose when you have an actual photographer as opposed to a lonely tripod and a park full of curious onlookers.

Sugarlips Cobra Flames Dress | J.Crew belt (old) | Zara boots | Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM | by boe necklace and rings

Little details. Lot of gold in this outfit.

This view is so fantastic. I need to make it here while it’s still warm at night.



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    I like having a photographer, but I think i’d feel weird posing for a stranger. Of course doing it for a tripod in front of strangers is weird, but I’m used to it, I guess.

    I love this dress too, nice choice, and the stud booties are adorable.

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    Loving these booties!! And I have to say with all the NYC Fashion Week tweets I am totally bummed to be missing all the fun of hanging out with you and the others. Maybe someday I’ll get back there for it. – Katy