Black and White Pattern Mixing

Dear Katha,

Sometimes I stop for photos even when it rains. If it’s raining, the park is generally empty and the few people there don’t care about the weird person with the camera (usually they’re fellow photogs with SLRs). I think the rain also gives a nice quality to photos. It makes them a little soft and turns all surfaces slightly reflective. Photos take on a different quality than those I snap on sunny days.

Forever 21 dress (similar) and belt | Cole Haan ballets | J Jill cardigan | Dana Buchman for Kohl’s tote (similar) | Target umbrella | Ippolita ring | by boe cubilete bracelet

I do like a good bit of black and white pattern mixing. Quite a few people are baffled by the plaid umbrella. Black is the standard in New York, though I do see transparent, polka dot, and other crazy patterns on occasion. I’d really like a vintage-looking umbrella with a wooden duck handle. I think I had a mini one of those as a child and never really got over growing out of it. I still think duck handle umbrellas are the best.



  1. Mia says

    Ohhhh man, Alex, that first pic is almost too much for me with the angles of your clothing/umbrella combined with the angles of the buildings. It is, how you say, amazeballs.

  2. says

    Oh hey, some stripes! I admire you for your rainy day photos. I’ve stopped taking them, unless it’s still exceptionally light out and only raining a tiny bit.

    I have some pretty wild umbrellas, hot pink leopard was my number one choice for a while, mostly because it was hard to forget. if you’ve got a black umbrella, anyone can just steal it and play dumb.

    I kind of want one of those clear bubble umbrellas because I think they are very japanese.

  3. says

    You’ve just inspired me: I’m now going to be on the hunt for a duck-handle umbrella.

    I love the way your outfit, especially your dress, interacts with the railing and even the buildings in the background!