Grey Shirt and Pink Skirt + More Bridges

Dear Shen Dove,

I recently wore this to a mini conference (the 7-9:30pm type). It was very very humid, so I didn’t feel like fussing with a belt or even a summer scarf.

Zara shirt | Banana Republic skirt ($10 clearance!) | Coach shoes (thrifted) | Dana Buchman for Kohl’s tote | vintage, Swarovski, and Ippolita bangles

I actually felt weird about wearing MAC So Chaud lipstick with my really pink skirt… I put it on and my immediate thought was that it clashed. It definitely is bright, but I think it ended up okay.



  1. Mia says

    It’s all good, hot pink and red are super trendy together right now. Aren’t they? I think so. Not that I’m the person to talk to about trends. Uhh, anyway, the drapeyness of the top makes you look fancy without having to worry about extra accessories! Well done you.

  2. says

    i dont think i would have noticed the lip color if you hadn’t pointed it out, but things are always different in real life than photos anyway.

    and anyway, i love love love that skirt. it looks like it fits perfectly and the color is just the best.

  3. Glamamom says

    Always beautiful Alex! I can’t believe you scored that skirt for $10! So polished and pretty. The background is divine!