Neutral Rain

Dear Mia,

It’s been hard to look even halfway decent in the incredibly stormy weather we’ve been hit with. It’s so humid I feel like I’ve been living in the tropics, only without the palm trees and balmy weather. The raincoat has been a very essential part of my outfits lately.

At least the view is as fantastic as ever. My favorite photos of the bridge are always ones with some cloud cover.



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    So sorry about the rain! Can you send some of that my way? Our yard looks like we live in Arizona, it’s been so dry. I love this dress, though, with the trench. What a great neutral rain outfit!

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    Aw, bummer about the weather. I’ve kind of been wishing for rain around here, but I don’t want to seem ungrateful about what we’ve got! You do look cool and stylish with that raincoat on, though–it looks quite intentional and you always rock the neutrals. I haven’t suffered from bad humidity since I visited my dad in Mexico during the summer; I swear my hair stood out from my head at 90-degree angles.

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    I love the tan and black, and you look great Alex!  I am behind in commenting so I’m playing catch up.  I don’t clean any of the vachetta leather on my LV bags because you can’t.  Anything you use will cause it to darken and the process will cause the leather to change colour unevenly.  That’s why after I got my first petit bucket bag, my stresa is very infrequently used…and soon after I got the epi speedy.  It’s unlikely that I’ll get anymore of the monogram canvas bags because I love the leather to stay a light colour, which means light useage.

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    I know, I know… I feel like I haven’t had a good hair day in two weeks. Damn humidity.
    That dress is very awesome, and I feel like trenches are always a great piece to be able to wear. Classic chic. The one upside to annoying rain.

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    UGH UGH UGH I hate humidity. I have been suffering horribly lately, and I can’t even wear more than one layer. It’s crazy. 

    LOVE the boots, Alex, and your cute bracelets!