Red, White, and Pink

Dear Shen Dove,

Happy late Memorial Day!… from in front of the Tudor house with the American flag, haha. It’s been a rather busy week for me and I have tons of blog reading to do. Did manage to wear this skirt, though. The blue skirt Lydia made for me gets more love than the red. I foresee the red being an excellent summer skirt. It’s lighter weight than the blue. Very airy.

As you can see, I’m not too sure about the seafoam shoes with this outfit. I thought it would be daring, but it ended up making the outfit very vintage. So I messed around with the photos until they looked like they’d been in someone’s attic for the past twenty years. I like the results :)


Anthropologie shirt | Lydia skirt | J.Crew belt | vintage jewelry | initial ring from Nnenna | Seychelles shoes


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    Aw man, I have been playing blog catchup for what feels like weeks now. I think I tend to overthink commenting, haha. The pink-red-gold is so pretty, and I think the seafoam is a pretty, unexpected addition! Ooh, I never expected to say this, but I gotta get me something in seafoam.

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    i ordered a shirt very similar to this one from loft.  the colors were too soft and subdued, it is going back
    yours looks very happy and vibrant, will have to check it out

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    I love the seafoam with the red; it’s completely unexpected – very Olivia Palermo. What a cute skirt, too, and so fitting for Memorial Day weekend!

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    I think red and seafoam totally go, and I like how the tie dye makes the look a little less americana but still keeps with the stripey feel.

    (sorry that fabric turns into such a wrinkled mess! damn cotton.)

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      Yep, should have said I thought of red and seafoam because of you. Next time! 

      I think someone needs to invent some kind of spray that prevents fabric from wrinkling. Without turning it into crunchy fabric, haha.