Pink and Pink

Dear Silvergirl,

Lately all I think I say how hot it is… but it is. Too hot for photos, really. There’s usually a breeze in Brooklyn, but it doesn’t help much when all you can feel is hot air. I’m wearing the coolest things I can, which include flowy shirts, a few pieces of jewelry, and sensible shoes. Are flatforms still popular this summer? I have no idea. I’m going to go with yes because Eva Chen is still wearing hers.

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Red, White, and Pink

Dear Shen Dove,

Happy late Memorial Day!… from in front of the Tudor house with the American flag, haha. It’s been a rather busy week for me and I have tons of blog reading to do. Did manage to wear this skirt, though. The blue skirt Lydia made for me gets more love than the red. I foresee the red being an excellent summer skirt. It’s lighter weight than the blue. Very airy.

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