Pink and Pink

Dear Silvergirl,

Lately all I think I say how hot it is… but it is. Too hot for photos, really. There’s usually a breeze in Brooklyn, but it doesn’t help much when all you can feel is hot air. I’m wearing the coolest things I can, which include flowy shirts, a few pieces of jewelry, and sensible shoes. Are flatforms still popular this summer? I have no idea. I’m going to go with yes because Eva Chen is still wearing hers.

Anthropologie shirt | J.Crew skirt | Stuart Weitzman flatforms (similar) | B Makowsky Tess Satchel | Coach sunglasses | vintage and gifted bracelets | Ippolita Wicked ring | scarf from a friend who visited India | Julep nail polish

In other technology news, I’m still mad that Mountain Lion isn’t fully supported on my March 2011 MacBook Air. My 2009 MacBook Pro? Fine. But 2011? That’s just bad.

So… when’s Google going to make a real computer?



  1. Mia says

    I always like what you do with this skirt! You make interesting silhouettes that I have yet to really recreate, but I assure you that I feel inspired.

  2. says

    oohh i am loving the hot pink skirt. it’s so cute.
    and i think flatforms will be in for a while. or at least, even when something is out, everyone just keeps on wearing it so you can get away with them for like two more summers probably.