Sparkle and Sip in the LES

Nnenna and Naina at No Fun

Last week I attended a double birthday party (a real birthday party, not a blogiversary— I swear) for What Would Ashley Wear? and A Day in the Life of Andrea, fellow members of The Bloggers’ Collective here in New York. I’m so glad I got to reconnect with Naina, whom I feel like I hadn’t seen in forever!

Nnenna and the sparkling ceiling, which we all loved.

I think I’m starting a new series on the blog: blogger shoes! Left to right: Naina, Nnenna, me.

Creeping on bangle stacks worn by Chris (The Tiny Tie Rant)…

…and Nnenna’s pretty necklace.

And last, a blurry birthday girl. I forgot to bring the flash for the Sony (it’s external), so I didn’t get very many photos.

Happy birthday, Ashley and Andrea!


  1. Carly says

    so fun! Hangin with your blogging buddies….like the idea of a blogger shoe series…DO IT! Hope you are well:) Happy Monday. C

  2. says

    Love your recap Alex and love that I can always count on you to bring your camera and capture snapshots of events like these. You gotta let me take pictures of you though so you show up more often! :)

    • says

      All the photos I’m in came out blurry, I swear! Next time I will let you have the camera for a while, and I will make you take two of every pose, haha. And I will remember the flash, too (even though I hate it :P).