The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Dear Dotty,

Of course I wear a peplum and some sandals for a walk in the woods. Wouldn’t you?  

Love 21/Forever 21 dress | Seychelles Aquamarine sandals | Rebecca Minkoff MAC | H&M belt | vintage necklace | bracelet from India (gift from a jet-setting friend!)

This styling is very similar to the last time I wore this dress, but I can’t help it– gold complements peach so perfectly. I guess I could have worn another necklace, but this one’s a favorite because it was my grandmother’s.

It’s been a long time since I’ve really shown this bag! Haven’t been carrying it much this year, actually. I think it’s just too small to be practical for me. I don’t love big bags, but I do love having my camera (even if I don’t like how heavy it can be to drag around).

Speaking of cameras, did you see Canon’s new EOS M? Very interesting. I’d love to have one because the SLR lenses are compatible, but I think I’ll be waiting for the next generation. Still haven’t fully learned how to use my Sony Nex-5N yet, so I definitely cannot get another camera… especially since I have my eye on the maxed out 13″ MacBook Air in the near future. I adore my 15″ MacBook Pro, but can’t see myself purchasing the new model.

Ugh. I think I need a bigger technology budget.



  1. Mia says

    The styling may not be practical, but it sure makes for some damn nice pictures! I agree with you, the pink and gold is gorgeous, and you can keep doing it as far as I’m concerned.

  2. says

    You and me both, on the bigger technology budget. Right now I have my eye on the cheapest way to get Instagram, which looks like an iPod touch. But I feel so wasteful because the only reason I’d get it is for Intagram (already have a Kindle Fire and a regular 160GB iPod). AHHHHH!

    Loving the mix of colors in this. And I especially love the peplum!

  3. says

    Don’t we all need a bigger tech budget? I am pondering what lens will work the best for shooting runway/motion/type shots this fall. Any tips? The problem is, the lighting is usually meant for people in the press pit and not for someone shooting from the side. Help!

    • says

      Hmmm I don’t think the lens will help that much unless you are using a kit lens– if you are go get a prime immediately. Have you ever tried shooting in shutter priority mode? That will give you non-blurry photos, but the ISO is likely to be high to compensate. When you’re shooting from the side you definitely don’t want to shoot with an aperture too wide either or the focus won’t be right :P Ahhh so many complications!

      • says

        Let me preface by saying I am still very new to fancy camera lingo! I typically use 50 mm f/1.4 for outfits, everyday, but need something with more zoom for the shows. Last year I used 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 with no luck. Thinking about a potential upgrade. Would love to do the 135 f/2L but bananas expensive. Maybe go with the 100mm f/2? Thoughts? What are some other good lenses I should really be investing in? So many complications…….

        • says

          The 50mm would be great for the runway if you are not in the first or second row… the 24-70mm ƒ2.8 would be fantastic, or alternatively the 28-135mm ƒ3.5 (half the price). What was the problem you had with photos last year? Photos overexposed? Underexposed? Blurry? Out of focus?

          I know, lenses are ridiculously expensive. The $1000 are clearly better, but yikes. Getting to be more expensive than the camera itself!

  4. says

    Dress and heels in the forest, of course – if you are a style blogger! There is something to be said for fun backgrounds, but it is true we tend to look silly sometimes. Oh well, I suppose that is half the fun! Love the peplum!- Katy

  5. bravoerunway says

    I love this dress Alex and the RM pouchette is cute! I know the size is def not the most practical but it looks great with this dress. I am craving a new lens too…but will make do w/my 50mm for now!

  6. says

    I am not buying a new computer. I just had to get a new battery for this one ($129) and I need more ram and a bigger hard drive and we are getting another two years out of it at least!! But that has always been my approach. In 13 years I’ve had three computers.

    but enough about computers… why am i rambling about them?

    I love this dress, I love cotton eyelet, the color the peplum, and the yellow bag with it!

    • says

      So glad my battery was covered by AppleCare… only time it’s ever been useful. It had a bizarre overheating problem.

      I can’t decide if I’m going to upgrade to Mountain Lion or not. I can’t believe my March 2011 MacBook Air isn’t fully supported… lame. No longer surprised that Apple sales are down.

  7. says

    Gasp! I want the new Canon camera! But I would wait for the next one too…I love that dress paired with the bag…who wouldn’t wear peplum and sandals in the woods?!