Christmas Eve in Pink

Dear Mia,

I hope you had a good holiday! Sorry I haven’t been around very much for the past month, I think I’ve had visitors or traveled every single week since Thanksgiving. The end of the year seemed unusually disorganized for me. I even forgot that I actually did take photos on Christmas Eve. I decided on my newish (from October in anticipation of the remainder of fall, but then Sandy happened and I didn’t have it for weeks and weeks) pink dress from Madewell. It’s a great color and the silk is nice, but the skirt is plagued by static electricity. Hopefully that won’t happen in the summer.

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Vintage and Vintage-Inspired

Dear Dotty,

Of course, right after I took these photos the sun came out. Story of my photography life. I’ve been in a bit of a vintagey mood lately and wanting to wear big skirts all the time. The ones that come right to my knees are so much easier to wear than my miniskirts.

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May Showers Bring July Weddings

Dear Nnenna,

Ever have one of those days when you definitely wore too much makeup? It happens to me when I don’t think about what lipstick I’ll be wearing and put a ton of eyeshadow on. The lipstick I’m wearing here is MAC So Chaud (which you probably already guessed because I got it with you) and the shadow is from my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette. I could use that thing for the rest of my life, so I hope it’s never discontinued. …

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