Brooklyn in the Morning

Dear Silvergirl,

Isn’t DUMBO great in the morning? It’s very quiet and barely feels like New York. I love taking photos in the park when it’s early. Except for the occasional jogger or dog walker, hardly anyone is around. It’s easier to get photos when people aren’t wandering into your frame.

Of course I’m wearing the pink pants again. Yes, they do stretch out quite a bit, but I like to wear them anyway. I just try to shrink them in the dryer. The search for jeans that don’t sag, bag, and gape (and don’t restrict my breathing) continues.


Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl’s Jacket | Francesca’s Collections Cardigan | Laugh Cry Repeat shirt | DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans | MIA boots | B Makowsky Tess Satchel | Coach sunglasses | by boe Luxe Leather Ring


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    Cute! I can’t believe you’re wearing a coat, though. We’ve been having 80+ degree weather for the past two weeks, and nothing sounds worse to me than a coat right now.

    Still love the colored jeans and the black with them! So rock and roll chic.

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    I think the pink pants look radical on you even with the relative bagging. It’s just a natural effect, and having a slightly looser pant is better than suffering from nerve damage, or whatever they’re saying too-tight skinny jeans do to people these days!

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    Let me know when you find the perfect pant, I’ll buy 10. Your photos make me homesick used to live in the heights. Came over from glad i did. I’ll swing by when i need a brooklyn fix. 

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    I’m with you on that search, Alex! I love it when I find a pair that fits, but then GAH after a few hours, it’s all saggy and stretched! I’ve learned to get jeans a size or two (depending where I get them) down and then suffer for a little bit until they stretch :)

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    You know I love these pink pants! Also, seeing how nice the weather is in these photos, then seeing the downpour we’re under right now makes me sad :/ Come back sun!

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    They are really awesome jeans – and sound like my red ones. Perfect the second they come out of the dryer, but once you’ve had them on for an hour they start to get all baggy again.
    I love the drape of the top, so pretty and flattering!

  7. Anonymous says

    Oooh, I love your hot pink skinnies.  I have some hot pink pants that I adore but really would love to find some skinnies.  I love how you paired yours with the black.