Black and Nude in the Spring

Dear Dotty,

If only there wasn’t a paved road back there… then I could pretend that this was an actual forest. These are the first outfit photos I took with the Sony Alpha Nex-5N. Sometimes it doesn’t like focusing directly on me, but I’m determined to get bokeh out of the lens. I know it can be done, even if it’s not as nice as the stuff my Canon can produce.

Pretty decent, right?


Target dress | Forever 21 belt | Nine West shoes


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    Your approximation-forest is quite pretty! I should get back to the park one of these days instead of just going behind the house every time…

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    I WANT a camera that can do bokehs like that! SERIOUSLY. Then I realize that I can’t actually take photos, so I talk myself out of it every single time. Alex, you are gorgeous in this look! Your legs are soooooo long with those nude heels!

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      If you do get one, I’d advise an SLR over the mirrorless– SLR photos are still better. And you can learn to take photos! There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I did it . 

      My legs are only so long because these were taken with the 16mm wide angle lens, so I’m a little distorted– it’s all smoke and mirrors here, haha. 

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    No not bad at all! I guess you will just need to be really close to the camera and the background will need to be really far away.
    Love the knotty ring, so pretty.

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    Gotta love a simple black dress!!  That camera intrigues me…let me know how you like it later..I’m debating whether to upgrade on my DSLR or get a different camera that’s compact but has SLR features..I like the pictures that you’ve taken so far!

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      I am reserving a full review for after I have photographed Nnenna with the kit lens. I want to see what I can get out of it while I’m behind the lens as well as in front of it. But I will definitely let you know what I think… maybe I’ll even post a review to the blog!