Stripes on the Pier and Important Things

Dear Mia,

What a difference a week can make when it comes to spring weather. Burning up in a light wrap one moment, bundled in a coat the next. This is my often neglected Forever 21 dress. It didn’t get very much use over the winter because it requires constant attention (even with a slip). I love it because of the chevron bodice, but it’s best left for warmer temperatures.

In addition to the striped F21, I’m also wearing a Forever 21 belt (it’s falling apart after three wears, in usual Forever 21 fashion), J Jill cardigan, and Pour La Victoire flats. I’ve been carrying around the free Dana Buchman for Kohl’s tote lately, but it’s also starting to show signs of coming apart. No more faux leather for me. It just can’t hold up with all the things I need to carry with me these days.

In more important news, I’ve heard some alarming reports of street harassment lately. Stay safe! Carry mace or pepper spray if it makes you feel better (but be aware of its limitations), or some other useful personal safety device. These cat keychains are the great because they’re unobtrusive and legal in every state. And um… break some skulls if you’re inclined to (I personally don’t have any reservations about telling men exactly how much physical harm I’m prepared to cause, but I realize not everyone is the same). I would for Lydia and Tia. The last thing my father always says to me is “be aware of your surroundings” and it’s never far from my mind, although I wish it didn’t have to be.



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    Ah, thank you for talking about street safety! I carry mace, but I’ve never really practiced with it (well, that would be kind of dangerous) and I don’t know if I would be able to locate it in my purse quickly if a situation arose. Gotta work on my street smarts. =/

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    Those cat keychains are genius! Street harassment is awful– why can’t people just mind their own businesses? I guess I’d never experienced this because I ask my husband to photograph for me. in very secluded places. for only 2 minutes max. 

    LOVE the chevron bodice on that dress! 

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      Having a photographer must be nice! I’m so used to taking my own photos that I feel weird whenever I have my photo taken by someone else. There are no secluded places in New York… okay, that’s a lie, but there definitely aren’t many. 

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    I love the chevron bodice.
    I’m not sure if it is because of the area I live or if my small stature draws more attention, but I seem to get an absurd amount of ‘attention’ on the street. To the point where I automatically flipped off a friend who honked & waved at me once. I almost always have the dog, or other people with me but that cat key chain looks pretty awesome. I’ve never been sure I could handle mace (I have terrible aim) but I’m pretty confident in my ability to  make a guy bleed with a sharp object.

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      Hahahaha that’s something I would totally do, too. I think young-looking, petite women often have a lot of trouble with unwanted attention. I was talking to Shenneth (Shen Dove Style) about it at IFB and she said we just appear more approachable. I wish I had a dog to take with me, but I wouldn’t be able to properly care for one in New York. I don’t know how people do it. I would feel so terrible leaving him alone for 10 hours/day. 

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    You are totally becoming a stripes girl, and I agree the chevron bodice makes this dress extra nice.
    I’m definitely over the fake leather bag too. I’d rather spend more and get something that will last.

    that cat key chain is kind of awesome.

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    I really love this dress and especially with that belt.  It is really a shame that it is starting to fall apart.  Since I grew up in a small town I am not good about being aware of my surroundings.  Now that I live in Dallas, I need to do that more often!