Water Access

Dear Lydia,

I have a new bridge for you today! This one is the Williamsburg Bridge and is rather less famous than the other bridges on the East River. It connects the Lower East Side and Williamsburg, a cool little neighborhood in Brooklyn. Lots of good shopping and coffee (Blue Bottle!) there.

It’s hard to balance on these rocks, even in malleable flats. I haven’t worn them in a long time because it’s really almost time to retire them. I’ve had them since 2008 and the gold is rubbing off on the toes. Now there’s also a ton of sand in them. I’m not one of those people who can walk on the beach without getting sand in her shoes.

I’m wearing my Anthropologie wrap top (swapped with you!), Ann Taylor red shell (you can see a tiny peek of it), Banana Republic skirt, and French Sole ballets (similar style). This necklace belonged to my grandmother and I’ve only recently started wearing it. I’m also still very carefully carrying around this Merona/Target bag… and contemplating how much it would be to have one made in real leather. In my dreams, right?



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    Alex, I love all these shades of red together. And the shoezies are darling. I need some gold flats in my life. and I also need to live near a beach. Then my life would be grand.

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    These two colors are so pretty together!  Also, I was thinking, now that you’ve given me your bright pink skirt, we should both wear them one day and take pictures! ;)

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     I definitely love this color pairing, and i’m pretty sure there is not a single person who can go to the beach and not get their shoes full of sand. Maybe if you were wearing rainboots, i suppose….

    As for the bag… I guess it just depended on where you shopped, maybe next time you are out thrifting something fabulous will come your way.