How to Style a Summer Dress for Fall

berry wrap and yellow eshakti sailboat summer dress styled for fall

Dear Mia,

This is what I get for wearing a fit and flare during a storm– had it hold it down with my hands whenever I went outside. I generally like to have clothing that’s seasonless, but barring that I like to wear things as long into the upcoming season as possible. Especially when it’s summer to fall because I like to layer!

The styling worked out pretty well and I liked this berry color with the yellow. Initially I was thinking blue, but then no, too easy. I ended up picking the berry color because I like it and it’s popular for fall. …

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Sometimes I Have Dinner Parties

January 9, 2012
Dear Lydia,

Well I suppose you remember these two? We got together for an impromptu gathering. 

I was actually going to serve tea, but I didn’t have anything for it except Tim Tams and some bland looking crackers. We went through the nearly empty pantry and I ended up making pasta with some sauce thrown together from tomato paste and a large can of whole tomatoes. I suspect canned tomatoes are actually vastly underrated.

I’m wearing my new tights! I saw them on Charming Pumpkin and immediately adored them– you know all about my issues with sheer tights, so I never wear Swiss dot. These appear to be holding up beautifully and are not choking me to death like my last pair of Merona tights.

I’m wearing my Anthropologie wrap (swapped with you!), Anthropologie skirt, Merona/Target tights, Stuart Weitzman pumps, vintage brooch, and ken + dana ring.


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Photo Diary: Life in the Country, Part Two

Dear Nnenna,

I think sometimes it’s nice to visit the countryside, but honestly it’s always such a relief to return to New York and wander the streets and have Seamless for food delivery. I can never quite decide if the quiet is peaceful or tiresome. Silence can be just as grating as noise from the street (which generally I find comforting, ha).

Things are so much less expensive though. Artisanal scones for $2? Thanks and I’ll take two :) And Target is such a delightful place. And driving! I’ve missed being in the rush of cars instead of standing next to them.

Hover over for extra photo details, as usual.


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