Mirror Shopping

I had to make a trip to the Apple Store (two dead iPods), and I popped in at LOFT when I saw they were running an extra 50% off sale blouses and tees (still going on today). I ended up grabbing a few other things for the fitting room, including this dress. Instant colorblocking.

This is how the dress falls without my hand in the pocket. It’s a 10P, the largest size I could find in the store. Huge on the bottom and too small on me through the shoulder and chest. I loved the style, though. It’s sold out online, but I’ll definitely get it if it goes on sale. It’s currently $89.50 (+ alterations for me). 

Surprise! I don’t usually wear pale blue because it washes me out, but I did okay with this chambray dress. It’s very lightweight and would be a really perfect dress for summer. However, it doesn’t come in petite (only regular and tall), which is a major issue with a style this frilly. On me it really shows that this is an 8 regular. An 8P would have been perfect. $69.50.

As usual, the petite sale section was tiny. There were no petite tops available in sizes that might fit me, but for an extra 50% off I thought I’d try the regular sizes.  Split Neck Shell and Print Roll Sleeve Blouse both M and too big.

I tried this black eyelet skirt in 8P, too ($69.50). It has a really nice matching jacket ($128) that I can’t find online. I was so tempted by the idea of a black eyelet suit… but I want to wait for a sale because LOFT has them so frequently.

So I have some ideas for spring, but haven’t bought anything yet. Where’s a LOFT coupon when you need one? I have so many for Ann Taylor right now.