Waterfront Sunset

Dear Nnenna,

I’ve been doing a lot of sunset photography in addition to all the night photos we’ve been taking over the past few weeks. I love when it’s a little bit cloudy and all the colors are more vibrant… probably because I always seem to be wearing black when there’s a pretty sunset around. But this was a cloudless, clear day, so there’s only a hint of gold and pink.

The weather’s warmed up so much that I feel like this might be one of the last times I’ll be wearing boots. Seems crazy! I feel like in years past I’ve worn boots well into May and June.

I’m wearing my favorite really old American Apparel shirt, Alexander Wang dress from a mysterious collection – can’t find it anywhere (seen on its own here), Born boots, ken + dana necklace, and Merona faux-ostrich bag.



  1. says

    Love this. The shots look really great. The outfit and the architecture in the background make the whole thing seem a little Gothic. But in a pretty way.
    I’m keeping my boots out for now but my sweaters are definitely begging me to put them away.

  2. says

    Yes, ’tis the time for sunset photos! 
    I love that your dress is mysterious. Like it exists only for you.

    And I actually started packing away my boots and pulling out my sandals over the weekend. I hope I’m not jumping the gun, someone was spreading rumors about it going back to the 40s next week.
    I can’t go back. I’m all bare legs and bracelet stacks now.

    • says

      That is a very cool idea. I’ve never seen it on anyone else, but it has existed in stores and a few places online, though no longer. But I can totally pretend it’s just for me. 

      I keep seeing people wearing sandals and thinking that I should do that. Except that I don’t know where any of sandals are. It’s going to be a serious problem for my credit card if I can’t find them. I did hear rumors of 50s for the weekend. But 40s? Please no.