Dear Katha,

Well it’s certainly been cold and windy here lately. Winter is setting in. There’s also been a bit of snow, which you probably know that I love. All those winter sports as a child… I should never have stopped figure skating. That was one of my favorites.

Von Vonni was kind enough to send me this wintry patterned floral dress with long sleeves, which I just adore. I think that long sleeves are so underused on dresses.

J.Crew Lady Day Coat | Von Vonni Raven dress (c/o) | Aquatalia boots (in suede) | Coach Legacy Leather Molly Satchel in Black Cherry | Ippolita Lollipop Station Bangle | Ippolita 5-Stone Bangle (similar) | Ippolita Wonderland Teardrop Necklace



  1. Mia says

    I am distinctly Not A Lover of Snow, but I like to experience it vicariously through pictures! All the pretty, none of the cold. Agreed on long sleeves, especially if they’re close-fitting to make layering easier!

    • says

      I loooooove snow! Especially because it’s getting to be kind of rare here. I feel like I only get one good snowfall in every winter. I wish that it would blizzard again and there would be four feet of snow on the ground… those were the days! No school for a week!

      These are very very close fitting sleeves. Easy to put under a sweater!

  2. says

    I agree. I have such a hard time finding a good long sleeved dress, and in the winter, I have to hide my dresses in layers so I can wear them. The pattern and color of the dress is perfection!

  3. Christine D says

    What a beautiful dress! I really should get more long sleeved dresses…it’s just that I don’t usually wear dresses during the winter time. However, they’re usually on sale around this time so I will be keeping an eye out for them.

    • says

      I’ve been wearing less dresses than ever this winter, but have found that I’m not really warm in pants either. Uniqlo has great heat tech tights out that are definitely warmer than my usual ones, too :)

  4. says

    you are right about long sleeves being underused on dresses. especially winter dresses – i mean a short sleeve sweater dress just seems silly!

    I love these rich blue florals – I am ready to put more floral pieces into rotation.