Dinner at Soho Park

Dear Shen Dove,

Before jetting out for the holidays Hope, Nnenna, and I got together for a mini celebration (i.e. really just going somewhere to eat as usual). Soho Park is my favorite place for an inexpensive dinner south of Houston. The food isn’t fancy and it’s definitely not Shake Shack, but I’ve never gone wrong with the standard burger and fries. There’s even a gigantic vegetarian friendly portobello burger. I’m a fan of the sauces (which do cost extra) and always get the garlic aioli for my fries.

My burger, fries, and peppermint tea (I had bronchitis).

Nnenna’s awesome Christmas tree manicure. I love nail art, but I can’t even write with my left hand, let alone paint.

Hope your 2013’s off to a great start!


Soho Park is located at 62 Prince St between Lafayette & Crosby.


  1. says

    the fries do look really tasty… did I have them with you? I can’t remember.

    Nnenna must have a very steady hand, I could never do nail art either – i’m just lucky when I paint my right hand it’s passable!

  2. says

    I still can’t believe how affordable that place is, even though it’s smack dab in the middle of Soho. Brilliant choice- thanks for taking us there! :)