Polka Dots + Fall Weekend

Vintage-inspired fall fashion

Dear Kimberlee,

We might be firmly entrenched in fall, but all that means is I’m holding onto bare legs and no jackets all the harder. Doing no tights until November is practically a point of pride now that I’ve been doing it for the past three years. So far it’s been mild, so maybe I’ll even do no tights until December again!

I feel like I wear sunglasses in photos a lot. Probably too much. I omitted them on this partly cloudy day.

And then the sun came out and hit me in the eyes. And I did not put my sunglasses on because I am stubborn.

Vintage-inspired fall fashion | Equipment shirt | eShakti skirt
Vintage-inspired fall fashion

I hope you’re enjoying the last warmish days before it’s time for coat and scarf weather!

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Fall Jacket Weather | Outfits

fashion blogger outfit forever 21 military inspired jacket, ikat dress and tall boots

Dear Christine,

It can no longer be avoided– fall jacket weather is definitely here to stay. I’m not totally giving in to winter yet, though. No tights until December! I’ll have made it three years in a row if I make it to December without wearing tights this year.

I’m going for it. It held in the 60s and 70s until recently, so hopefully it won’t be freezing immediately. If not, I’ll just have to wear… pants. Shocking, I know. …

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Indoor Roses | Outfits

floral h&m dress

Dear Chrissy,

I wanted to try out the indoor photo studio thing… yeah, still working out the kinks. Not completely terrible, I just need to work on the lighting and focus. I think the indoor studio might be happening a lot this summer… I’m already over the humidity and it’s only June! I don’t know how I’m going to survive the rest of summer. …

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The Cove and the Handkerchief Hem Lace Dress

Dear Mia,

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed this dress, which honestly… seems to photograph terribly. I’m not sure what it is– could be the lighting, could be the lace is just too busy to show up well. I don’t know. Every so often, something I wear just does not look the same on camera as in the mirror. Even the color didn’t come out quite true and had to be corrected. Do you ever have moments when you photograph an outfit and then see photos and think …what? I think this is another case of “the photos you take and the photos you think you take” difficulty that often plagues bloggers….

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Things To Do in New York in the Rain

J.Crew Double Cloth Madeline Coat (old) | xhilaration/Target dress | Assets by Sara Blakely tights | Forever 21 belt | La Canadienne boots | ZARA bag | AMY O. Jewelry necklace, bracelets and ring | Ippolita Wicked ring | photos: The Tiny TieRant and star-crossed smile

Take photos with Chris and Nnenna, of course.

Night in Times Square

Dear Caitlin,

On Friday after the kensie jewelry preview, Nicole, Nnenna and I decided it would be a good idea to take some photos in Times Square. Or rather I decided Times Square was a totally perfect location and dragged them along with me. It was a little windy, but surprisingly uncrowded. It still weirds me out that there’s no traffic there any more. No more iconic photos of taxis stuck in traffic on Broadway. 

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Night Lights

Dear Dotty,

I think photos at night can be pretty fantastic, especially with a city behind you. Just have to find the right light (or bring an assistant with your own). That’s the Queensboro bridge behind me, which I haven’t really shown like this before. It’s probably even better at sunset.

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Leopard, Oxblood and Sparkle

Dear Laura,

As you know, I escaped New York last week before the storm. I did not want to go. Even with the threat of power outages. New York is truly not as dangerous as it used to be, and I am old definitely enough to remember it when it was unsafe. But the evacuation order was given and my father (who did live through a blackout in the city) asked me to leave twice. It’s probably better as my building is kind of flooded. Uncomfortable to think that if I return tomorrow I will have nowhere to live.

Still, I feel oddly like I abandoned my city. I haven’t felt much like blogging. Been a bit sad. I tried to cheer myself up by picking up some winter clothing at the local mall the other day, but I don’t think it worked. I may have to go again. I’ll need some warmer things to wear anyway. I don’t have anything but summer clothing here. …

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