Over the weekend I got to catch up with a few friends over dinner and dessert in the East Village! We even have an Instagram-official selfie.

It was fun to be back in my old neighborhood. I really haven’t been back since I moved, which seems totally shocking. Maybe I’m settling into the quiet life in New Jersey.

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Trench Coat Weather

Trench coat and oversized square scarf | Fall fashion

Dear Caitlin,

It’s currently pretty much my favorite time of year (except for snow) because it’s trench coat weather again! Trench coats are good for spring and fall, but not so great for summer and winter. And perfect trench coat weather seems all too rare. It always seems to go right from burning to freezing!

As for me, I’m attempting to do no tights until December. I don’t know if I’ll last through the end of the week, but I’m going to give it a go.

Summer to fall fashion

This dress is a little short, but otherwise I like it. Nothing a long slip can’t fix. It’s a fairly recent impulse buy (separates! I need separates!) from Forever 21 and still available.

In this post:

Club Monaco trench coat [ fall 2012 ]

Burberry scarf [ current ] [ fall 2012 ]

Forever 21 dress  [ current ] + bag [ spring 2013? ]

Sergio Rossi boots [ similar ]

Tall Boots and Long Sleeves | Fall Fashion

von vonni floral dress

Dear Chrissy,

I love long-sleeved dresses so much. I wish more designers would make them! They’re a good option when you’re just holding on to the last days with bare legs. It’ll be tights for the rest of the winter from now on, though. Snow’s been falling here in New York.

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Skinny Jeans and a Trench Coat | Outfits

Club Monaco trench coat and Pilcro Anthropologie skinny jeans

Dear Francy,

I am known to wear some skinny jeans now and then, although generally I don’t wear pants often. They never seem to fit right. These Pilcro jeans from Anthropologie come close, but they’re definitely too small in some places and too loose in others. If only eShakti made pants, right?

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Fall Fashion: Neutrals

fall fashion neutral outfit

Dear Christine,

The neutral trend is one of my favorites this fall, especially the camel/black and tan/black combinations. And I think I’m going to like them even more in spring’s interesting shapes and leather combinations. …

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The Essential Trench Coat

fashion blogger outfit of club monaco trench coat, reiss leather dress, frye boots, coach satchel photographed while standing in the woods

Dear Shen Dove,

I have somewhat of a fatal weakness for trench coats. The essential trench coat can be worn with everything. It’s good as both a spring and fall transitional coat and you can find one to fit anyone’s style and budget. You can even wear one in the winter in the south, where it’s totally warm enough to do so.

I didn’t get my first trench coat until I was sixteen (a pale pink one), but since then I’ve become a bit of a collector and have never looked back.  I most likely have far too many of them now, but what can I do? They’re my favorites. …

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Grey Stripes, Trench Coat + Pearls

Dear Shen Dove,

I have been waiting forever to wear this outfit. I picked up this dress from Anthropologie when it was still freezing out, but this outfit is the end goal that I had in mind. As soon as I saw the dress I knew it would be perfect with a trench coat and bare legs for spring. Have you ever imagined an outfit and for one reason or another had to wait ages before wearing it?…

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Spring in 14th Street Park | Sponsored

New York is finally being graced with sun and blooming flowers– it’s trench coat weather (my favorite)! Even if it is a practically balmy 55 degrees by late afternoon, early mornings and late evenings are still a bit cool for bare legs. I’ve been saved from either freezing or burning by Hanes legwear, which I’ve been wearing during this change of season. …

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An Outfit of Old, New, Newish and Really Old Things

Dear Silvergirl,

This outfit is a combination of pieces I’ve collected over about the past fifteen years, the oldest being the vintage bracelets. I really like having pieces with history and things that have been around for a while. Sometimes I think it makes them seem more mine.

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