Tall Boots and Long Sleeves | Fall Fashion

von vonni floral dress

Dear Chrissy,

I love long-sleeved dresses so much. I wish more designers would make them! They’re a good option when you’re just holding on to the last days with bare legs. It’ll be tights for the rest of the winter from now on, though. Snow’s been falling here in New York.

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How to Style a Summer Dress for Fall

berry wrap and yellow eshakti sailboat summer dress styled for fall

Dear Mia,

This is what I get for wearing a fit and flare during a storm– had it hold it down with my hands whenever I went outside. I generally like to have clothing that’s seasonless, but barring that I like to wear things as long into the upcoming season as possible. Especially when it’s summer to fall because I like to layer!

The styling worked out pretty well and I liked this berry color with the yellow. Initially I was thinking blue, but then no, too easy. I ended up picking the berry color because I like it and it’s popular for fall. …

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