The Chambray Shirt + Happy Thanksgiving!

J.Crew Chambray Shirt and Black Skirt | Fall Fashion

Dear Dotty,

The warmth of fall days is coming to a close and I think it will soon be officially winter in December. I didn’t go all the way through until no tights until December, but there’s always next year (and a hope for no fall snowstorms).

I’ll be offline for some time this week. Current events are making me sad and more than a bit thoughtful. Last night was bad. A sad, sad reminder of everything I never liked about politics and government. And many other things. I’m due for a bit of wandering and am planning on spending some time out in the wild with my thoughts and one or two of my cameras.

And by wild, I mean major metropolitan city.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with laughter and all that’s important. If you find yourself settling in for a bit of extra reading, I’ve recently been interviewed for Re-Mix-Her. Re-Mix-Her is written by Caitlin, a blogging friend of mine from the early days (hello tumblr!). Friends are important, and Thanksgiving is a good time to think about everything and everyone in your life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.05.35 PM

Happy holidays. I hope you are safe and loved.

Trench Coat Weather

Trench coat and oversized square scarf | Fall fashion

Dear Caitlin,

It’s currently pretty much my favorite time of year (except for snow) because it’s trench coat weather again! Trench coats are good for spring and fall, but not so great for summer and winter. And perfect trench coat weather seems all too rare. It always seems to go right from burning to freezing!

As for me, I’m attempting to do no tights until December. I don’t know if I’ll last through the end of the week, but I’m going to give it a go.

Summer to fall fashion

This dress is a little short, but otherwise I like it. Nothing a long slip can’t fix. It’s a fairly recent impulse buy (separates! I need separates!) from Forever 21 and still available.

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Club Monaco trench coat [ fall 2012 ]

Burberry scarf [ current ] [ fall 2012 ]

Forever 21 dress  [ current ] + bag [ spring 2013? ]

Sergio Rossi boots [ similar ]