Grey Stripes, Trench Coat + Pearls

Dear Shen Dove,

I have been waiting forever to wear this outfit. I picked up this dress from Anthropologie when it was still freezing out, but this outfit is the end goal that I had in mind. As soon as I saw the dress I knew it would be perfect with a trench coat and bare legs for spring. Have you ever imagined an outfit and for one reason or another had to wait ages before wearing it?…

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Night in Times Square

Dear Caitlin,

On Friday after the kensie jewelry preview, Nicole, Nnenna and I decided it would be a good idea to take some photos in Times Square. Or rather I decided Times Square was a totally perfect location and dragged them along with me. It was a little windy, but surprisingly uncrowded. It still weirds me out that there’s no traffic there any more. No more iconic photos of taxis stuck in traffic on Broadway. 

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