Over the weekend I got to catch up with a few friends over dinner and dessert in the East Village! We even have an Instagram-official selfie.

It was fun to be back in my old neighborhood. I really haven’t been back since I moved, which seems totally shocking. Maybe I’m settling into the quiet life in New Jersey.

You can see a few more photos of us on Kim’s blog. My only regret is not taking silly photos. I do have one where I’m putting bunny ears on Kim, but Kim’s eyes are closed for that one. Clearly I wasn’t thinking. More silly photos were needed.

Must have been all that fresh air clouding my head.



I do not know what happened to my hair on this particular day. We’ll just say I was going for ’80s rocker or something and leave it at that. I don’t even remember it being humid. Might be time to see the stylist!

  • Club Monaco Harper Trench [ fall 2012 ] [ also seen here ]
  • H&M shirt
  • Vigoss Chelsea Skinny Jeans [ c/o ] [ fall 2014 ] [ new version here ]
  • SIXTYSEVEN black and white ikat ankle boots [ last seen here ] [ told you you’d be seeing these again ]
  • Longchamp Planetes [ fall 2012, discontinued I think ] [ new version here ]
  • Photos by Katy and me


  1. elle says

    Welcome back to the village Alex! He looks so happy to be home with your new friends. I love you trenchcoat and those gorgeous okay boots.
    I do have the feeling that you’re settling in nicely in your new home though. The quiet life can be great. Thinking of you. XOXO, Elle