Tall Boots and Long Sleeves | Fall Fashion

von vonni floral dress

Dear Chrissy,

I love long-sleeved dresses so much. I wish more designers would make them! They’re a good option when you’re just holding on to the last days with bare legs. It’ll be tights for the rest of the winter from now on, though. Snow’s been falling here in New York.

fall fashion blue floral von vonni dress fall fashion blue floral von vonni dress and club monaco harper trench coat

Hope you’re taking some time to relax and enjoy yourself this holiday season!



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    First: your hair looks AMAZING in these pictures. I mean, I always like your hair, but it looks shampoo-commercial-level here.

    I am 100% looking forward to relaxing at my mom’s house for a week-plus later in the month–but I’ve got a lot to do before then, so go go go it is!

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      Thank you! A little bit of hairdryer… I don’t normally use it, but sometimes in the winter it’s too cold for me to wait for my hair to dry naturally.

      I think we could all use a bit of a relax this year :)

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    I do agree, long sleeve dresses are where it’s at for the fall/winter months!
    This one has such a lovely color pallet and print, but it has been brutally cold lately and bare legs are sadly not an option anymore.