The Essential Trench Coat

fashion blogger outfit of club monaco trench coat, reiss leather dress, frye boots, coach satchel photographed while standing in the woods

Dear Shen Dove,

I have somewhat of a fatal weakness for trench coats. The essential trench coat can be worn with everything. It’s good as both a spring and fall transitional coat and you can find one to fit anyone’s style and budget. You can even wear one in the winter in the south, where it’s totally warm enough to do so.

I didn’t get my first trench coat until I was sixteen (a pale pink one), but since then I’ve become a bit of a collector and have never looked back.  I most likely have far too many of them now, but what can I do? They’re my favorites. …

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An Outfit of Old, New, Newish and Really Old Things

Dear Silvergirl,

This outfit is a combination of pieces I’ve collected over about the past fifteen years, the oldest being the vintage bracelets. I really like having pieces with history and things that have been around for a while. Sometimes I think it makes them seem more mine.

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One Dress Two Ways

Dear Caitlin,

When I bought this dress on a whim from Target I had no idea I’d wear it so much. In fact, I was definitely hesitant about it, but at $12 and change I thought I’d be able to get my money’s worth (even if it does sort of remind me of a tablecloth). Well, it’s held up beautifully through many washes and though not often seen on the blog, it gets a lot of wear. …

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Aubergine, Red, Brown

Dear Silvergirl,

I went to Sephora for some foundation without sunscreen– anything with SPF photographs horribly on me with a flash, and it’ll be fashion week with a million photo ops soon. And because it’s Sephora, naturally I ended up with eyes and lips done as well.

What do you think? Too much? It’s much more makeup than I usually wear, although it’s only one pale pink shadow and smudged liner. I liked it a lot, but I always feel really conspicuous with more visible makeup. Red lipstick used to give me problems with that when I was younger. Haven’t felt that way for a few years though, so I should probably be able to get over the eye makeup, right?

Everyone really loved my red tights, so I guess they do have a purpose after all :) They’re a fairly recent purchase from a Joe Fresh shopping excursion with Nnenna. I’m also wearing my J.Crew coat (2010), H&M dress, LOFT belt, and Frye boots. Carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, too (a souvenir from study abroad in Japan).


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Photo Diary: Life in the Country, Part Two

Dear Nnenna,

I think sometimes it’s nice to visit the countryside, but honestly it’s always such a relief to return to New York and wander the streets and have Seamless for food delivery. I can never quite decide if the quiet is peaceful or tiresome. Silence can be just as grating as noise from the street (which generally I find comforting, ha).

Things are so much less expensive though. Artisanal scones for $2? Thanks and I’ll take two :) And Target is such a delightful place. And driving! I’ve missed being in the rush of cars instead of standing next to them.

Hover over for extra photo details, as usual.


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The Perfect Shade of Pink

November 26, 2011

I love to pose under tall trees. I like old things like vintage and antiques, so I guess it stands to reason that I like old trees as well. Probably why I like strolling through Stuyvestant Town so much. The trees are dazzlingly tall.

My first instinct for this skirt was black, but we’ve had such a nice few days that I’ve ended up bare legged and in boots for at least five days straight now. And so I ended up with brown. It’s more unexpected anyway, or at least that’s what I was thinking.

Got this skirt at Old Navy for $10! It wasn’t a Black Friday find though. I love the color, and it’s taken me forever to find a hot pink piece I’m satisfied with. The only random thing is that it has an ambiguous waist. I’m not exactly sure where it’s supposed to hit. It’s pulled up higher and held in place with the belt in these photos.

American Apparel dolman sleeve shirt, Old Navy skirt, LOFT belt, Frye boots, Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

Seven Confessions

These photos are super dark, I know. I’m trying to create a formula for photos in low light that still look decent. This is better than my last attempt, so I guess I’m getting there.

Still packing over here. I wore my cape on a walk around the neighborhood and I think I scared everyone away. I like this thing, even if it’s not the best silhouette for me. And whenever I wear it I’m pretty sure people think I’m crazy, too.

Target cape, J.Crew blouse, Anthropologie belt and skirt, scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), LV bag, Celine scarf, and Frye boots.

A long time ago (and I mean a really long time) I received the Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards from Shen Dove Style. Thanks, Shenneth!

I meant to do this earlier, I swear. And I was going to do a fashion retrospective for my seven things, but I can’t find any photos of myself from middle school and high school. Back in the day we used film, you know, so unfortunately they’re not all on my hard drive.

Anyway, I’m unsure if not being able to find those photos is actually a bad thing… some styles should really stay in past. So here are seven facts about myself:

1. I read books on my Kindle for iPhone. Sorry paperbacks, ebooks are just more convenient for me.
2. I am also an insomniac, so it’s practically a requirement that I devour books and browse the internet at all hours of the night.
3. I used to speak Japanese close to fluently, studied French for a number of years (although I can barely speak it), and took a year of Arabic during college.
4. My drink of choice is Scotch. I love vintage cocktails, too.
5. I’m a member of a sorority. Well, alumna now.
6. I am adopted. I’ve definitely never said that before.
7. I am also Korean. I may have said that before, but I can’t remember.

I unintentionally keep quiet with personal details on this blog– for some reason I always assume you guys already know all about me! Hope your curiosity has been satisfied. And you can always tell me when I’m being a bit too mysterious.

I’d like to award the Stylish and Versatile Blogger to: Charming Pumpkin, Chic on the Cheap, Re-Mix-Her, Reading in Skirts (does this count as two? I’m going to count Tia and Mia as one, I can award more bloggers then), Silvergirl, Star-Crossed Smile, and Those Tricks.

These awards have definitely made the rounds on the blogosphere, so if you’ve already received them I don’t think you have to pass them on again… unless you want to!

With Thanks

This year I’m thankful for… everything.

The golden hour.

My Vivienne Vivienne Tam faux fur vest, free c/o a gift card from T.J. Maxx.

Sweeping views.

A roof over my head.

New friends.

Tall trees I can pose with.

Bourbon over wine.

Food on (or rather off) the table.

Firelight portraits.


Vivenne Vivienne Tam faux fur vest (free with a gift card c/o T.J. Maxx), Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Alexander Wang dress, Frye boots.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you find many discounts over the weekend. Good hunting!