Aubergine, Red, Brown

Dear Silvergirl,

I went to Sephora for some foundation without sunscreen– anything with SPF photographs horribly on me with a flash, and it’ll be fashion week with a million photo ops soon. And because it’s Sephora, naturally I ended up with eyes and lips done as well.

What do you think? Too much? It’s much more makeup than I usually wear, although it’s only one pale pink shadow and smudged liner. I liked it a lot, but I always feel really conspicuous with more visible makeup. Red lipstick used to give me problems with that when I was younger. Haven’t felt that way for a few years though, so I should probably be able to get over the eye makeup, right?

Everyone really loved my red tights, so I guess they do have a purpose after all :) They’re a fairly recent purchase from a Joe Fresh shopping excursion with Nnenna. I’m also wearing my J.Crew coat (2010), H&M dress, LOFT belt, and Frye boots. Carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, too (a souvenir from study abroad in Japan).


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