Aubergine, Red, Brown

Dear Silvergirl,

I went to Sephora for some foundation without sunscreen– anything with SPF photographs horribly on me with a flash, and it’ll be fashion week with a million photo ops soon. And because it’s Sephora, naturally I ended up with eyes and lips done as well.

What do you think? Too much? It’s much more makeup than I usually wear, although it’s only one pale pink shadow and smudged liner. I liked it a lot, but I always feel really conspicuous with more visible makeup. Red lipstick used to give me problems with that when I was younger. Haven’t felt that way for a few years though, so I should probably be able to get over the eye makeup, right?

Everyone really loved my red tights, so I guess they do have a purpose after all :) They’re a fairly recent purchase from a Joe Fresh shopping excursion with Nnenna. I’m also wearing my J.Crew coat (2010), H&M dress, LOFT belt, and Frye boots. Carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, too (a souvenir from study abroad in Japan).


Other ways I’ve worn these boots:


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    Oh, the makeup looks nice! Not too much at all, although I’m also a fan of your natural face. (That sounds weird, I’m sorry.) I never ever ever bother with makeup, but seeing how good it looks on other people makes me want to go play around with it some! Also, I am just crazy about the color combo in the first picture. Don’t be surprised if I pin something from this set!

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    Oh Alex, I really love your makeup! I have actually never gotten my makeup done at Sephora–  no one has ever offered to do mine :( I really love the color combo of eggplant and those wine tights! I love it!!!

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      I usually don’t have it done, but I prefer to have someone else match my foundation and I was looking for a long-wearing pink lip color (mine’s been discontinued, boo). Making friends with one of the Beauty Experts ups your chances of having fun stuff done. I have a favorite and always consult her when I’m looking for new products. 

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    it’s always interesting to see how a little makeup changes how we look, and more so, how we feel so drastically. Trying out any new makeup always has that immediate, “it’s too much!” reaction, when if anyone else were to look at you, they would probably not think twice.

    Noticeable? Yes. Too much? Definitely not.

    and i had no idea SPF bounced* flash.

    *I’m assuming bounce is the correct word. I have no idea what SPF and an on camera flash do together, but bounce was my logical conclusion.

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      I used to wear green eyeshadow during the day all the time, so I don’t know why this reaction to the relatively tame neutrals. Maybe I should bring out the green again. 

      Titanium dioxide bounces light (I think as photographers we can use bounce hahaha), giving you the grey, ghostly look. It doesn’t always happen and I think it actually depends on how much ambient light is around, how close to the flash you are, if there are other people with you in the frame… but when it does happen it looks so bad on me.