How to Channel Your Inner Greta Garbo in Photos

Dear Lydia,

Sometimes the photos you take and the photos you think you take are quite different, you know? I didn’t realize quite how dramatic we looked– me with my “I want to be alone” pose and Nnenna doing her best to totally stare that squirrel down. How dare you try to steal the spotlight, Ms Squirrel!

Yeah, we’re just a bunch of crazies. We know.

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One Dress Two Ways

Dear Caitlin,

When I bought this dress on a whim from Target I had no idea I’d wear it so much. In fact, I was definitely hesitant about it, but at $12 and change I thought I’d be able to get my money’s worth (even if it does sort of remind me of a tablecloth). Well, it’s held up beautifully through many washes and though not often seen on the blog, it gets a lot of wear. …

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