Festive Dress for the Holidays | Outfits

black velvet gap blazer, joe fresh leopard print dress and amy o jewelry art deco inspired pendant in the snow

Dear Brenna,

Happy holidays! You probably already have some great outfits lined up for the next week or so. But in case you don’t have every single look planned, I highly recommend throwing in something that’s both bold and fun. For me, that’s usually leopard print and red lipstick. I usually wear MAC Russian Red but decided on Revlon Black Cherry. The deep berry color is a little bit more trendy this season.

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One Dress Two Ways

Dear Caitlin,

When I bought this dress on a whim from Target I had no idea I’d wear it so much. In fact, I was definitely hesitant about it, but at $12 and change I thought I’d be able to get my money’s worth (even if it does sort of remind me of a tablecloth). Well, it’s held up beautifully through many washes and though not often seen on the blog, it gets a lot of wear. …

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Double Stripes and Yellow Leaves

Playing with this scarf is fun! It’s very soft and floaty, but still warm. These are some more photos from before, when there were still leaves on the trees and it wasn’t flooding. Sad that it’ll be months and months until the leaves grow back.

I put my hair up for the first time in a while. I actually don’t mind it up, but I do feel like it makes anything I’m wearing about eleventy billion times more formal. What do you think, too much? Although the formal air is not as pronounced when I’m wearing pants. In a dress or skirt, however… I often feel too done.

And yes, that’s a leaf in my hair. I’ve recently been bringing things from outside inside, like pine cones and the wispy tails of tall grass that I find lying on the ground. And somehow that evolved to wearing nature in my hair. I’m a weirdo.

Oh wait, one more thing! I want to share this Feminist Fashion Bloggers post by Ekaterina Sedia. It’s the best piece I’ve read all month.

…and Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. readers!

Gap blazer, xhilaration/Target shirt (swapped), Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea), J Brand jeans, Born boots, Coach bag, and a yellow leaf.

Feather Dress on a Bridge

November 9, 2011

I decided to try to make better use of this dress, but it’s a difficult piece because the cotton voile is such a summery fabric. It’s also a one-shoulder, so the line isn’t good under a sweater and I think it looks kind of odd across the chest. It’s a favorite dress though, so I’m continually looking for new ways to wear it. I think a cropped jacket would work, although I don’t have any right now.

Packing is so time consuming! I’ve hardly been doing anything else and surviving mainly on coffee. Hopefully things will settle soon.

Gap blazer, Leifsdottir dress, Talbots scarf, Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Frye boots, Coach bag.

The dress by itself:

Velvet and Bows

October 3, 2011

Another monochromatic look for your perusal. This is clearly not today, because today was a balmy 72 earlier in the afternoon. When I wore this it didn’t even break 60 and I wanted so badly to not wear tights that I got out my over the knee boots.

I was just admiring the pretty leaves on Caitlin’s blog Re-Mix-Her. We don’t have any yet, probably because it’s been so warm. That’s nice but the leaves are falling without changing colors! Hopefully I can get to Central Park when they’ve turned and are not yet all over the ground. I think I have to actually request a permit too, so if anyone else wants their outfit photos done in Central Park I’ll take them. Might as well get use out of the permit and dragging the tripod around.

I’m attending a TJX event tomorrow at the store on 6th Ave. Lydia will be there too. Let me know if you’re going!