A New Cardigan

October 17, 2011

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I pretty much don’t own any seasonally appropriate clothing for winter. I have like two actual knit sweaters.

So when I saw this J.Crew Jackie cardigan at Cure Thrift Shop I bought it right away ($16 vs $62 at J.Crew). For something different, I decided to tie the ends together… like I’ve done with everything else lately. Worked well over a high waisted skirt– better proportions for a petite.

J.Crew cardigan (thrifted, Cure Thrift Shop), ZARA shirt, Theory skirt (consignment, Roundabout, SoHo), MIA ankle boots (DSW.com), ancient falling apart Longchamp bag.

Cats and Dogs

September 2011

I’m wearing leopard and houndstooth, get it? Yeah, I am so not funny. This is what I wore to my next-door neighbor’s father’s 60th birthday party. I decided to take my camera because, you know, next door (same building too). Didn’t have to carry it very far. Then I proceeded to be the paparazzi/a huge creeper for the entire night… but I got several good photos and practice with low light conditions. If you’re my friend on Facebook or Flickr you can see all the photos.

This is also my submission for Bloggers Do It Better: Animal Prints! Which is actually tomorrow. I wanted to wear my leopard maxi again, but it’s actually been raining forever and today is the first really decent day under 78 degrees. So leopard blouse it is. I’m really glad I got this shirt and have been wearing it all the time lately.

J.Crew blouse (still available online but not in stores in New York), Theory skirt (consignment, from Roundabout in SoHo), Salvatore Ferragamo heels, Foley + Corinna bag, some vintage rings I forgot to get a photo of (sorry).