New York Fall Photo Diary

Whew that was a lot of photos, including two outfits you haven’t seen before. Hope you liked it!


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    This really makes me smile. :) (See?) You capture New York so beautifully! Or so I’m guessing, I’ve never been. You really make me want to visit, though…

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    goodness, that took a while to load, haha!
    So first, I like your velvet blazer more than mine (you are wearing it right?)
    second, i don’t remember even seeing that wall of sequins at tjs, but I suppose that is for the best.
    third, love your last shot, is it from out the window?

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      Yes, it’s the velvet blazer. I didn’t get any of the texture out of it… underexposed:P The wall of sequins is from a later trip! I was really tempted by a lot of the things, but many of them were mysteriously expensive. And yes, the last shot is from out the window! Taken with the camera around my neck and sticking my camera as far out as I could get it.