Double Stripes and Yellow Leaves

Playing with this scarf is fun! It’s very soft and floaty, but still warm. These are some more photos from before, when there were still leaves on the trees and it wasn’t flooding. Sad that it’ll be months and months until the leaves grow back.

I put my hair up for the first time in a while. I actually don’t mind it up, but I do feel like it makes anything I’m wearing about eleventy billion times more formal. What do you think, too much? Although the formal air is not as pronounced when I’m wearing pants. In a dress or skirt, however… I often feel too done.

And yes, that’s a leaf in my hair. I’ve recently been bringing things from outside inside, like pine cones and the wispy tails of tall grass that I find lying on the ground. And somehow that evolved to wearing nature in my hair. I’m a weirdo.

Oh wait, one more thing! I want to share this Feminist Fashion Bloggers post by Ekaterina Sedia. It’s the best piece I’ve read all month.

…and Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. readers!

Gap blazer, xhilaration/Target shirt (swapped), Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea), J Brand jeans, Born boots, Coach bag, and a yellow leaf.


  1. says

    LOVE this outfit, Alex! The striped top with the blazer is really, really cute! I actually don’t think your hair looks too formal at all. I love it — it looks casually chic, particularly with the beeeeautiful golden leaf in your hair!

  2. says

    I always feel like I’m being lazy by putting my hair up… well, because I am. So always have that disconnect when people think that pulled back hair = formal.
    Of course it’s all in the styling, I know!

    That scarf does look so pretty floating in the wind, and i love your striped top!