Feather Dress on a Bridge

November 9, 2011

I decided to try to make better use of this dress, but it’s a difficult piece because the cotton voile is such a summery fabric. It’s also a one-shoulder, so the line isn’t good under a sweater and I think it looks kind of odd across the chest. It’s a favorite dress though, so I’m continually looking for new ways to wear it. I think a cropped jacket would work, although I don’t have any right now.

Packing is so time consuming! I’ve hardly been doing anything else and surviving mainly on coffee. Hopefully things will settle soon.

Gap blazer, Leifsdottir dress, Talbots scarf, Francesca’s Collections cardigan, Frye boots, Coach bag.

The dress by itself:


  1. Wendy Brandes says

    The pic where you are kicking up your heels (so to speak) is so cute. And I’m jealous that you have such beautiful locations to take photos in!

  2. says

    Wow, I love the way you’ve styled it here! I would have no idea that it was summery if you hadn’t mentioned it.  Also, still love those boots, and your poses in this post, and this bridge- I could go on! :)  Where is this bridge?

  3. says

    Oh wow! that is a really darling dress. I love the shoulder details! THey’re so unique. I love how you’ve made it look totally different with the cardi/jumper though!

  4. says

    Oh wow, that’s a pretty cool dress all on its own. I like how you restyled it, though–I never really thought my light, summery dresses would translate well to colder weather, but I’ve seen some good examples out there and I’m willing to give it a go now. 

    • says

      You should definitely think about transitioning some pieces for winter! It doesn’t always work out and I’ve worn things I ended up not liking, but some pieces can surprise you. And you don’t have to let them go after summer!

  5. says

    that is such a cute bridge! I’d totally go there for outfit photos all the time.
    Mmmm. I have not worn my feather dress since july, I suppose I’m due to layer it up for winter!

    • says

      I would go to this bridge every day, but there and back is probably pushing two miles, and I cannot walk to it in anything but my Target harness boots (or hiking boots, if I had them) because the path is so rough from the snow and rain. I trotted over the grass in these boots and my heels sunk every step!

  6. says

    Alex, that’s a great dress girl. I like it because it’s feathers without the feathers! LOL You can do so much with it. One, you can wear it ANY season (so it’s versatile); Two, it will work with a cardigan or cropped blazer (don’t be afraid to pair it with a color blazer); Three, it looks great with those boots! You can also wear tights and either a cute flat or heel with it. It’s a dress it up or dress it down! Keep it. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    • says

      Next up I’ll be styling it with tights, too cold now for bare legs :( I wish I had a cropped blazer, maybe mustard or pale pink… but I don’t. I’ll have to add it to my ever growing long term list of items to find.