Autumn Colors

November 11, 2011

I took these photos last week. It’s been pouring here and terribly gloomy. But! I got new boots! After unsuccessfully trying on about ever pair in DSW, I ordered these Born ones from Zappos. They’re very comfortable and fit all my specifications except for the calf size. I’m hoping they don’t loosen up any more or else I’ll have to have them taken in. I haven’t had Born shoes in years and I forgot how well-made they are.

Sometimes funny things happen to me when I’m taking photos. Like a tree branch smacking me in the face.

Did give me the inspiration for the first photo though.

American Apparel shirt, Anthropologie skirt, Forever 21 belt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, Born boots, Coach bag.


    • says

      The tree branch smack actually happened several times because apparently the wind was blowing in circles. That branch kept coming back around, but this is the only photo I have of it actually in my face :)

  1. Mia says

    Haha, I love outtake photos. Reminds me that other people are goofy too, or at least have goofy things happen to them. I’m glad between some of these older pics that you got a last few shoots with all the yellow leaves–such a nice accessory to your outfit!

    • says

      Silly things always happen to me during photoshoots! I should post most of the really funny photos. I have so many old photos, I think there’s a whole batch I forgot about because I haven’t been posting as much– moving is taking up all of my time. 

    • says

      I was specifically looking for zippers up the back of the boots! I find that they don’t crumple as much at the ankle on me as side zip boots do. 

      Yes it’s a new old Coach. The Court bag, actually. Etsy :)

      • says

        I thought so. Just like the one I gave away. I alllllllmost wish I’d kept it, but no – I don’t need it, I have a million bags, I will inevitably buy more.
        It’s better to have not been greedy.