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floral h&m dress

Dear Chrissy,

I wanted to try out the indoor photo studio thing… yeah, still working out the kinks. Not completely terrible, I just need to work on the lighting and focus. I think the indoor studio might be happening a lot this summer… I’m already over the humidity and it’s only June! I don’t know how I’m going to survive the rest of summer. …

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How to Channel Your Inner Greta Garbo in Photos

Dear Lydia,

Sometimes the photos you take and the photos you think you take are quite different, you know? I didn’t realize quite how dramatic we looked– me with my “I want to be alone” pose and Nnenna doing her best to totally stare that squirrel down. How dare you try to steal the spotlight, Ms Squirrel!

Yeah, we’re just a bunch of crazies. We know.

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Black and Silver in Black and White

Dear Brett,

Well, you know I like to wear black in the winter, and it is definitely still winter in New York. You may not know that I once thought of composing this blog entirely of black and white photos. I still think it would be awesome, but it’s too limiting for me so I’ll stick to the occasional monochrome post.

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Christmas Eve in Pink

Dear Mia,

I hope you had a good holiday! Sorry I haven’t been around very much for the past month, I think I’ve had visitors or traveled every single week since Thanksgiving. The end of the year seemed unusually disorganized for me. I even forgot that I actually did take photos on Christmas Eve. I decided on my newish (from October in anticipation of the remainder of fall, but then Sandy happened and I didn’t have it for weeks and weeks) pink dress from Madewell. It’s a great color and the silk is nice, but the skirt is plagued by static electricity. Hopefully that won’t happen in the summer.

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Night Lights

Dear Dotty,

I think photos at night can be pretty fantastic, especially with a city behind you. Just have to find the right light (or bring an assistant with your own). That’s the Queensboro bridge behind me, which I haven’t really shown like this before. It’s probably even better at sunset.

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Leopard, Oxblood and Sparkle

Dear Laura,

As you know, I escaped New York last week before the storm. I did not want to go. Even with the threat of power outages. New York is truly not as dangerous as it used to be, and I am old definitely enough to remember it when it was unsafe. But the evacuation order was given and my father (who did live through a blackout in the city) asked me to leave twice. It’s probably better as my building is kind of flooded. Uncomfortable to think that if I return tomorrow I will have nowhere to live.

Still, I feel oddly like I abandoned my city. I haven’t felt much like blogging. Been a bit sad. I tried to cheer myself up by picking up some winter clothing at the local mall the other day, but I don’t think it worked. I may have to go again. I’ll need some warmer things to wear anyway. I don’t have anything but summer clothing here. …

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Leopard, Magenta and Red in the Woods

Dear Shen Dove,

It’s still summer in North Carolina, still mild and the leaves aren’t on the ground yet. I flew south for the winter for a wedding and this was my traveling outfit. Picture it at LaGuardia at 6am (with an oxblood jacket). Totally ridiculous, but I’m sure you’re not surprised.

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FNO Photo Diary

Outside Saks, destination #2 of the night. I briefly stopped at Henri Bendel, which was far too crowded. Nothing too special about this outfit, just one of my standard monochrome creations. I love this skirt and probably wear it too much. One day it’s just going to completely fall apart. …

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